Impasse continues on future lease negotiations


Thursday 16 March 2017

Representatives of Frankston & District Basketball Association (FDBA) met last night with representatives from Frankston City Council who presented revised terms for the future lease of the expanded Frankston basketball stadium to overcome the current impasse delaying the commencement of expansion works.

Frankston City verbally advised a concession from the initial lease offer is that the proposed 6% tax on FDBA income will not be introduced within 18 months after the expansion works are completed at which time council has the opportunity to re-introduce this proposed tax pending FDBA income modeling.

Upon request the FDBA was not provided with a copy of council’s resolution formulated at Monday 6 March Special Council meeting so is still unaware of the overall detail. Council has advised this resolution will be forthcoming so the association can be in a better position to respond to the most recent revision of the future lease.

Notable exclusions from terms conveyed by Mayor Brian Cunial was council’s strategy to deliver into the future items stripped from Stage 1 of the expansion project including retractable seating; additional administrative space (mezzanine level); and preferred equipment. As well as the overall period of the lease which council has set as 5years x 5 years with council invoking a clause that at the conclusion of each 5 years council has the opportunity to review current rental charge and if they deem appropriate revise terms which may include increasing rental model.

FDBA General Manager Nathan Jolly who attended last night’s meeting said the FDBA are ‘no wiser on the path forward other than the cash grab is still in play, albeit delayed by 18 months.One positive that did come out of the meeting was the opportunity for councilors to ‘hear firsthand the opportunities Frankston Basketball provides for our community’ from 4-time Olympian and Frankston Basketball Ambassador David Andersen.

David spoke about his experience of playing on the national and international stage and the stigma felt when people brand you as being from Frankston and how he has continually tried to change this culture and thinking as a person who is proud of his Frankston heritage. David has promoted the Frankston City brand all over the world and shares the FDBA’s vision of wanting this project to become a vehicle for our community to raise its self-esteem. David encouraged council to move forward in a direction that sees this project recognized as an industry leader which directly benefits positively on our region’s reputation” Jolly said.

With the ball now again back in council’s court the FDBA awaits further advice regarding amending the lease so key deliverables are achieved. As the FDBA advised council last night, items like retractable seating provide the much needed economic benefits to the Frankston region by way of the association hosting state & national events along with benefits you often cannot measure as Jolly explained. “Hosting the Opals (Australia’s national women’s team) along with the ability to engage better with the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) provides our association to connect elite women’s sport to our community which provides aspirational role models for our female participation base.” 

With a decrease of nearly 10% in senior female participation compared with junior female participation rates across the FDBA’s competition base, the association is working hard to bridge this gap by providing opportunities for more women to involve themselves in sport, more often, and at times that are convenient in the context of managing their busy family lives. Examples of this are the activation of Monday morning competitions aimed at mothers; as well as female specific grassroots development clinics run by representatives of the Frankston Lady Blues delivered both in schools and at Frankston basketball stadium.

The FDBA expects further advice over the coming days from council including receipt of detailed revised terms and will be in a better position to communicate to members at this point. The FDBA Board of Management are confident this impasse can be overcome and acknowledge ‘councilors have many demands and the FDBA understands the challenges they facebut believe resolution to the FDBA’s concerns is achievable with the right mindset of community outcomes first, not profiting from the community.’

It is expected members will want to contact council representatives directly to provide feedback to current lease negotiations. See below councilors who represent your respective suburb.

South Ward (Frankston South, Frankston, Frankston City Centre and Langwarrin South)

Mayor Cr Brian Cunial
Email: Office: 03 8773 9529
Mobile: 0400 236 977

Deputy Mayor Cr Steve Toms Email: Mobile: 0418 953 576

Cr Quinn McCormack
Email: Mobile: 0419 446 930

North-East Ward (Carrum Downs, Langwarrin, Skye and Sandhurst)

Cr Sandra Mayer
Email: Mobile: 0400 236 107

Michael O’Reilly
Email: Mobile: 0418 721 679

Colin Hampton
Email: Mobile: 0400 236 109


North-West Ward (Seaford, Frankston, Frankston North and Karingal)

Kris Bolam
Email: Phone: 0417 921 644

Lillian O’Connor
Email: Phone: 0419 298 838

Glenn Aitken
Email: Phone: 03 9786 3274