At CrossFit Freefall, we strive to provide every person that walks through our doors with the highest level of professional coaching possible. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase fitness levels, improve athletic performance at a competitive level or just to have fun; we are here to make these goals a reality.

We embrace GPP (General Physical Preparedness) and involves a program of scaleable functional movements, set into short, constantly varied and intense workouts, conducted by professional coaches in a group setting. It is much like joining a professional sports team, where your sport is your wellbeing.

In the simplest of terms, CrossFit is an incredibly effective strength & conditioning program, that is scalable to suit the needs of anyone, regardless of their existing fitness level, and it produces outstanding results.



Basketball has been PEAK’s strongest business since the beginning. Nowadays, PEAK covers a variety of sports such as jogging, soccer, volleyball, tennis and other sports. PEAK is developing its business in America, Europe, Asia and Australia with more than 5000 exclusive stores.