Victor Ankle Stabiliser - $80

Injury prevention is critical in any basketballer's career so Victor's largest selling ankle brace is the perfect solution to help support your ankle and prevent ankle injuries.

Made from strong canvass material, reinforced with two nylon webbing straps which wrap around in a 'figure of six' style strapping. Laced front with velcro straps. Ideal for people who are constantly strapping for proprioceptive reasons, or as an alternative to strapping. Measure circumference of ankle around the maleoli.

Made in Australia. Available in various sizes and comes in BLACK OR WHITE.

Strapping Tape - $10

This tape is the tape of choice in professional sport offering high tensile strength with very strong adhesive qualities in a flesh colour.






Underwrap- $5

This foam non adhesive underwrap is designed to go under rigid or stretch strapping tape and is used to reduce skin irritations caused by adhesive tapes.









Physio Rollers $30.00

The must have accessory for any athletes bags - Physio Rollers are fantastic during warm ups to help warm up tight muscles before practice and game day.